I live with a sense of joy, a dedication to training and precision, and a deep Love for Life itself. This Love for Life underlies the passion I feel to nourish the healing and evolutionary processes in others. Love is the source of my curiosity and facility learning divergent disciplines. The commonality between the healing systems that interest me is their capacity to restore vitality, nourishing higher levels of coherence that shift the evolutionary trajectory toward fully embodied and simultaneously higher states of being over time. I work with many disciplines all at once that share a baseline knowing of our capacity for self-healing and therefore I relate to healing as a collaboration and constant potential.

Since I began in 1999, I’ve studied many systems of bodywork and apprenticed with several well-known teachers. I’ve been guided by deeply intuitive practitioners and am constantly evolving my awareness of how energy underlies and moves through us. I’ve also studied mechanics of the body and healing extensively including several dissections and osteopathic-level anatomical training. There is a depth to my sense of healing, and I’ve studied far beyond the bounds of bodywork. This breadth saturates my bodywork practice with a deep felt sense of how people heal, and how to support the processes that present in sessions. My practice is infused with a life saturated in healing, awakening, restoration and Love.

To work with Ari is a unique and profound experience. She is gifted in many disciplines of the healing arts. I have worked with Ari for many years in Seattle, and each session is unique, collaborative, and transformative. Whether I am searching to balance my general health, improve my athletic performance or work on a detailed problem Ari has been fundamental in my journey. Portland is lucky to have her!

Liesbeth Robison

Senior Pilates Instructor, Seattle, WA

Ari Divine is an amazing bodyworker. She has an innate gift that feels like ancient wisdom is being passed down through her hands to the receiver. My session left me feeling deeply re-aligned, which was surprising because of how lightly Ari applies pressure and how subtle her movements are. Ari’s healing work is nourishing on a very deep level and it’s refreshing to feel work being done that is smart, wise and compassionate at the same time.

Taylor Sims

Massage Therapist, Seattle

I reflect on my sessions with you with delight. You are present and hold me wherever I am. Your work allows me to let go of my previous experiences and expectations to receive something unique and powerful. This is a big deal with my education and bodywork history. Some of my favorite moments: your manipulation of my throat, opening my right lung.


Lori Coleman Brown

Master Pilates Instructor, Physical Therapist and Pilates Teacher Trainer , Seattle, WA


Click below to see some of the highlights of Ari’s depth-study of healing and bodywork

Bodywork Training
  • Certified in Structural Integration, Kinesis Myofascial Integration
  • 2-year apprenticeship Institute of Structural Medicine, Donna Bajelis
  • Advanced Structural Medicine for Upper Extremities, Institute of Structural Medicine, Donna Bajelis
  • Advanced Structural Medicine for the Foot and Ankle, Institute of Structural Medicine, Donna Bajelis
  • Visceral Manipulation for Structural Integrators, 2 year course of study with Jeffrey Burch through Rolf Institute
  • Extensive hands-on Apprenticeship with Jeffrey Burch
  • Extensive hands-on Apprenticeship with Michael Hahn
  • Infant Development and Movement Educator~ 2-year course of Study through Body Mind Centering with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
  • Ontogenetic Human Development
  • Reflexes, Righting Reactions
  • Equilibrium Responses, Senses and Perception
  • Basic Neurocellular Patterning
  • Craniosacral for Breastfeeding with Alison Hazelbaker
  • Craniosacral for Infants with Carol Gray
  • Craniosacral for Pregnancy and Postpartum with Carol Gray
  • Assisted several Craniosacral and Infants classes for Carol Gray
  • Tummy Time with Michelle Price Emmanuel
  • Cranial Nerve Dysfunction and Asymmetries with Michelle Price Emmanuel
  • Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Practitioners Intensive with Myrna Martin
  • Advanced Practitioner Skills Intensive with Myrna Martin
  • Advanced Aquatics with Ray Castellino and Mary Seamster
  • Extensive participation in Family Play Workshops guided by Re-evaluation Counseling
  • Embryology with Giorgia Milne
  • Embryology with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
  • Embryology with Amy Matthews (Body Mind Centering)
  • Consciousness, Touch and Repatterning, with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body Mind Centering)
  • Immune System with Amy Matthews (Body Mind Centering)
  • Skeletal System (Body Mind Centering)
  • Organ System (Body Mind Centering)
  • BoneWork with Sharon Wheeler
  • ScarWork with Sharon Wheeler
  • Tail Work with Sharon Wheeler
  • Cranial Rolfing with Sharon Wheeler
  • Dissection at Laboratories for Anatomical Enlightenment with Tom Meyers
  • Dissection at Laboratories for Anatomical Enlightenment with Donna Bajelis
  • Dissection at Laboratories for Anatomical Enlightement with Jeffrey Burch
  • Cranial Unwinding with Todd Jackson
  • Working with Quietude with Todd Jackson
  • Dissolution and Disappearance with Todd Jackson
  • Anterior Neck and Cranial Base with Ron Murray
  • Anterior Neck and Cranial Base with Jeff Burch
  • 750+ Hours Classical Pilates Instruction with Lori Coleman Brown
  • Certified Yamuna Body Rolling, Yamuna Zake/Taylor Carre
  • Seeing and Understanding Bodies 1 with Todd Jackson
  • Seeing and Understanding Bodies 2 with Todd Jackson
  • Ongoing Yoga Practice and Study with Todd Jackson
  • Yoga and Developmental Movement with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body Mind Centering)
  • Functional Methods, 12-month course of study with Jeffrey Burch
Lifestyle/Nourish Training
  • Highest Level (3) CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach (trained by Paul Chek)
  • Certified Holistic Chef, Natural Gourmet Cookery School
  • Certified Metabolic Type Advisor (Bill Wolcott)
  • Certified Herbalist, Columbine’s School for Botanical Studies, Howie Brounstein
  • Certified Herbalist, School of Traditional Western Herbalism
  • Immersion in Shipibo Plant Medicine Cosmology, Guillermo Arevalo
  • Herbalism for Inner Balance and Mental Health, Hana Jordan
  • Herbal Brigade to Omotepe Nicaragua with Paul Bergner, SevenSong, Tania Neubauer
Training in Healing from Emotional Scars Collective/Individual
  • 13-year depth-participation in Re-Evaluation Counseling including teaching classes, attending leader development workshops, and leading groups
  • 12-month Intensive Training Series on Healing Trauma
  • Across a span of 12 years, I attended over 250 specialized workshops focused on healing from collective scars as they manifest within individual experience. We examined social structures and their influence on individual experience of mild to severe trauma.
University Training
  • Masters Degree in Clinical and Contextual Social Work, University of Washington
  • Graduate Certificate in Women Studies, University of Washington
  • Bachelors Degree in Women Studies, University of Oregon, Cum Laude
  • Bachelors Degree in Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon, Cum Laude
  • Bachelors Degree in Family and Human Services, University of Oregon, Cum Laude