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Sessions for Adults

Bodywork sessions for adults focus on integration. This means I use my trained intuition and medically based assessment to create a custom session for your specific composition. The session meets your body, mind, and energy system exactly where they are in the moment. I call this attunement, and it is the foundation of how I practice. I use attunement to sense where your body needs extra support to integrate past traumas and to function at an overall higher level of balance and harmony. Often we will talk at the start, and sometimes during a session. Sessions address physical complaints, chronic patterns, emotional integration, and spiritual development. What a session addresses will vary based on your need and intention. My touch is gentle but precise and each moment in a session is designed to unlock your inner healing and self-organizating potential so that you leave feeling refreshed, balanced, and with a better sense of overall alignment.

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Sessions for Infants + Children

Sessions for babies and younger people focus on opening pathways to optimal development. Once these pathways are open sessions facilitate development of healthy movement and awareness. This sets a foundation of healthy movement, which is related to balanced and higher states of cognition and emotional relating. If there are any injuries or compressions lingering from birth or earlier, they can be integrated in order to  access more balanced possibilities. This supports young people to build the best foundation possible from the get-go and results in healthier life trajectories and greater overall flexibility throughout life.  And if a baby or child has developed compensation patterns ‘on top’ of something that could have been resolved earlier it is totally possible to work on the foundation and experience shifts further up the chain. Caregivers are present and often involved in the session.

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Sessions for Pre-Conception, Pregnancy and Postpartum

Embodied support for balanced transformation in pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, and post partum periods.

Simply stated, this work supports a healthy pregnancy for women and their babies. This support has results before conception, but even starting post-partum has big benefits. Sessions address the changes a woman’s body and self encounters in the journey of becoming a mother. We may work quietly, but there is a welcome space for talking as we begin and as it arises during the session. Every woman can benefit from attuned somatic therapies to support her transition in an integrated way~ physical, emotionally, spiritually.

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Online Consultations

Develop practices and engage perspectives that cultivate increased coherence in your system.

Are you interested/engaged in healing practices and want support to go deeper? Are you a practitioner looking for support to cultivate your next phase of development? Or do you have questions about your process, about healing, parenting etc? Do you want some outside perspective on an issue in your life, or a topic of interest? Working with Ari online she will attune to your energetic and emotional states of being through conversation, observation, and by exercising her trained intuition. In ongoing dialogue Ari will support you to open into new states of awareness and healing related to your concerns or questions. She will offer you ways to work with the content of the session between meetings. This is a great way to work with Ari when she is traveling or if you are not local to Portland.

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Somatic re-patterning is a process best supported with a package of sessions. Each session in a package is an entry point into your body’s ongoing patterning processes. Multiple sessions interact with your system from various entry-points. The benefits of each session interface, deepening your saturation with new potential for somatic resolution and freedom. Packages are a concrete way to deeply support your evolution into higher states of somatic coherence.

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